OUR services

Your Cleanliness, Our Image

Our customer-centred services will allow you to enjoy fresher, cleaner and most importantly safer offices.  We provide long term and one-off services, both of which could make a significant difference to your business.  Our cleaning services can be provided at any time; Early mornings? Late evenings? Weekends? Over the Summer Break? We work closely with clients to make sure that they get the best solution and value.



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We understand that making the right first impression is important to your reputation. We can support you to ensure that your restaurant is above and beyond the usual standards.

We understand that our services all add to the visitor experience and customer review’s – we have helped a number of restaurants really shine so we know your challenges and what can be done to support you.



From toilets to executive suites, We ensure that wherever you are in the office, it will be beautifully presented and a pleasure to work in. No sticky mug rings on the desks, no fingerprints in the windows, no empty bottles in meeting rooms, no messy public areas.  We guarantee dust free monitors and empty bins.


Construction Cleaning

Just had a renovation? Moved offices? Premises require a really deep clean? We can remove dust, brick dust and debris as part of our service. We can turn your premises around so they are sparkling and ready for use. What a better way to look after a new space than a professional cleaning company.  


Pubs & Bars

Football match? Partying hard? or just a lovely meal with wife and kids?  We are here to support your pub or bar, either on a light or heavy night we always make sure that next day is a new day.  Trust us we know how to disappear the evidence of the night before and welcome those lovely kids for a nice breakfas



We understand how important a clean school is to you, your pupils, teachers and parents. After all, a clean and hygienic school creates the right environment for enjoyable learning. We help you to maintain the highest level of Infection Control, avoiding teachers calling off sick which cost you money or absence of pupils that affect their performance, so let us help you to improve your academic performance and keep your school's glitter and play doh off from floors.


Retail Shops

A sparkling venue is another factor in customer retention. We understand that our cleaning and support services add value to the essence and atmosphere of your premises and the overall customer experience. Afterall one bad experience can mean a lost customer - we are here to help deliver a great customer experience